We at KOMO dared to create the most delicious cheese for our children. It is designed and recommended for children from 3 years old. It is as tender as possible, has a creamy light taste, a soft consistency and melts perfectly on hot sandwiches.

Cheese is a source of complete animal protein, which includes all the necessary amino acids, including essential ones, which cannot be obtained from plant food. The composition of KOMO KIDS cheeses is so well balanced that useful substances are absorbed almost completely.

Weight bar
3,0-3,5 кг
Weight bar
Flopak bar
150 г
Flopak bar
Cut into slices
135 г
Cut into slices

nutritional value

per 100 g of cheese

24 g
28 g
1,0 g
Energy value
1518 kj
(calorie content)
(353 kcal)